Our latest partner


POM Solutions in partnership with a major German styli manufacturer market leader have gotten together to offer the highest quality styli for the most competitive prices in Canada. POM Solutions can now offer a complete line of styli for both your CMM requirements as well as any machine tool probes on the market. We offer a complete line from M2, M3, M4 and M5 styli as well as any specialized or customer special requirement you may have. No matter what size, material or configuration, we have a large selection of styli and accessories for all machine tool probing, coordinate machine machines and gear measuring systems. Join the hundreds of satisfied POM Solutions customers who are enjoying getting the best of German manufacturing at the most competitive Canadian prices in the market.

Unconditional Guarantee:
our policy is very simple; if you are not completely satisfied with our styli, we will fix the problem to your satisfaction or provide a full refund, hassle free.